Director, Office of Disparities Research and Workforce Diversity (ODWD), Office of the Director (62 views)

Position Overview
The ODWD Director (1) serves as the focal point for the
Institute’s efforts to foster research to understand and
eliminate mental health disparities among racial/ethnic
and sexual/gender minority populations and other underserved or vulnerable groups; (2) implements strategic plans
to improve the effectiveness of NIMH disparities research
activities and diversity training programs; (3) promotes and
facilitates the development and maintenance of a diverse
and inclusive biomedical research workforce through
innovative approaches; (4) oversees and coordinates NIMH
policies related to extramural diversity activities, research
training programs, and workforce development efforts;
and, (5) collaborates with NIH, DHHS, and other agencies,
as well as the extramural scientific community, on these
The ODWD Director will provide effective leadership in
developing and implementing scientific policies and
research initiatives that aim to reduce mental health
disparities and advance equity in mental health
interventions, ser-vices, and outcomes. In addition, the
Director will increase scientific attention to mental health
disparities experienced by women as well as persons living
in rural areas. Applicants should be capable of managing
interdisciplinarystaff with a variety of backgrounds and
interests to generate a work environment that is
cooperative and productive.

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