Multicultural Specialist (46 views)

The Multicultural Specialist will be responsible for providing age specific, developmentally appropriate
clinical counseling and mental health services to students and other members of the university
community within an integrated healthcare and wellness model. The Multicultural Specialist provides
direct service to students and participates in wellness, health promotion and outreach programming for
the university with a specific focus on supporting diverse, historically marginalized, and underrepresented
populations. This role supports the UH&CS mission of enhancing the health and well-being of the student
community and providing high quality, multidisciplinary mental health-related services.
Building a welcoming and inclusive community is the foundation of the work we do as professionals
working with students. Fully including people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives helps us all thrive
by working together, focusing on our collective well-being, and helping students gain insight from their
academic endeavors and real-world experiences.

1. Provide direct counseling and mental health services to students presenting with a range of mental
health and wellness needs within the established counseling model. Services include initial contact
sessions, crisis management sessions, skill-based workshops, and ongoing individual and group
counseling sessions. (50%)
2. Provide and coordinate outreach, training and consultation to university students, faculty, staff on
mental health and wellness issues, with particular focus on serving the needs of diverse, historically
marginalized, and underrepresented student populations, including, but not limited to Black/AfricanAmerican, Asian-American, Latinx/Hispanic, International, and LGBTQ+ students. (25%)
3. Provide training and consultation to UH&CS staff to further develop and promote cultural competency
in clinical service delivery. Provide regularly scheduled clinical supervision and training of preprofessional graduate trainees and unlicensed staff, including the development and maintenance of
cultural competency in clinical service delivery, as assigned. (10%)
4. Participate in UH&CS, Division of Student Affairs, and university committees relevant to the
department’s improvement efforts in serving diverse, historically marginalized, and underrepresented
students. (10%)


Perform other duties as assigned. (5%)

Department: Continuous contact with professional and support staff of the UH&CS for scheduling, clinical
consultation, and collaborative work in an integrated model.
University: Frequent contact with departments serving underrepresented minority students, including the
Office of Multicultural Affairs, The LGBT Center, The Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity,
and The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women.
External: Moderate contact with care providers outside the university to assist in the coordination of care
for students being treated in the community.
Students: Continuous contact with students to provide direct counseling and mental health services to
students presenting with a range of mental health and wellness needs. Interact with student leaders and
groups for outreach and multicultural wellness programming.

This position has no direct administrative supervisory responsibility. This position includes clinical
supervision of selected, pre-professional graduate trainees as assigned by the Training Director, Director of
Counseling or designee.
Doctorate (PhD or PsyD) in Clinical or Counseling Psychology with independent license (or license-eligible)
in the state of Ohio as a Psychologist. Minimum of 2 years professional experience in counseling and
mental health care is required, with 1 year of that experience being post-licensure. Experience with
adolescent and young adult populations, and/or experience within a university setting is preferred.
Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work with independent license LISW or LISW-S or Master’s degree in
Counseling with independent license in the State of Ohio as an LPCC or LPCC-S (or independently licensed
in another state and license-eligible in Ohio within 6 months of employment) required. Minimum of 4
years professional experience (post-licensure) in counseling and mental health care is required. Experience
with adolescent and young adult populations, and/or experience within a university setting is preferred.

1. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills including respect for all aspects of an individual’s
identity, ability to resolve conflict, clear personal and professional boundaries, and ability to work
collegially and collaboratively in an interdisciplinary team process.
2. Demonstrated commitment to cultural competence and multicultural counseling and consultation.
3. Must be able to work in a culturally diverse environment. Ability to maintain a work environment that
is marked by inclusiveness and respect for others.
4. Commitment to working with diverse groups of individuals, including age, race, ethnicity, gender,
gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic and educational background and ability.

5. Ability to demonstrate concern for understanding and satisfying needs of customers, co-workers and
others with economy, efficiency, flexibility, courtesy, good judgement and continuous measurable
6. Experience using an electronic health record to document all clinical encounters. Maintain accurate and
complete records, document client condition, problems, treatments, and outcomes promptly.
7. Knowledge of and adherence to relevant laws and professional standards regarding professional ethics
and privacy.
8. Ability to meet consistent attendance and demonstrate dependable work habits.
9. Ability to interact with colleagues, supervisors, and customers face to face.
Standard Health and Counseling offices in a university campus setting.
Full-time professionals are exempt from overtime and are expected to work a minimum of 40 hours per
week around the university’s core hours of operation. University Health and Counseling Services clinical
work, outreach and campus crisis/emergency response efforts may require UH&CS staff to work evenings
and weekends.
Staff may be required to adjust their clinical and administrative assignments, as needed, depending on
departmental, divisional and University needs. This may involve flexing to cover other clinical roles (e.g.,
covering acute counseling care responsibilities, covering ongoing counseling responsibilities, alternating
between roles, etc.) due to staff absence, changes in the model of care, or other reasons determined by the
Executive Director of UH&CS or their designee.
All members of the UH&CS staff are considered essential and are expected to work on-campus in
accordance with University guidance. Staff are expected to provide services on-site and in-person, with
the understanding that there may be aspects of their role and responsibilities that could shift to virtual
and/or via hybrid modalities, depending on University requirement, departmental need, public health
guidance and/or at the discretion of the Executive Director of UH&CS or their designee.