Director of Counseling & Psychological Services (70 views)

The Director of Counseling and Psychological Services will interact closely with every level of departmental personnel in performing a wide range of duties and responsibilities; interact with virtually every constituents within the campus community (students, staff, faculty, administrators, and visitors) on a regular basis; and collaborate with departmental staff and/or interface with members of the campus community in the implementation of clinical services, outreach programs, consultations, training, and crisis intervention; meet regularly with the Associate Vice President (and/or upon request), regarding departmental operations and updates, budgetary and personnel matters, and/or clinical service delivery; participate in regularly scheduled meetings and serve as a member of the Campus Health and Wellbeing Leadership Team.  The incumbent will meet regularly with key staff members to address the effectiveness of services, policies and procedures, and evaluative measures; provide updates and make recommendations to point persons within the department and the division, respectively; and in the role of manager, provide first- and/or second-level supervision to professional counselors, administrative assistants, and non-licensed counselors.  The incumbent will provide performance evaluations to SSP-AR level staff, other professional and administrative support staff; assist staff in formulating individual performance goals and/or work plans that enhance and support the department’s mission and goals; meet regularly with direct reports to assess their progress toward established goals, provide support and direction, promote accountability, enforce deadlines, provide feedback related to ongoing performance, and to acknowledge meritorious performance; provide and/or organize training sessions and professional development opportunities to promote collegiality, optimum and ethical performance, and teamwork; empower staff to make independent decisions at appropriate operational levels; complete performance evaluations in a timely manner and recommend appropriate personnel actions; and approve and sign time and attendance reports forwarding them to payroll services.  The incumbent will ensure that the legal and ethical standards of psychology are upheld in the execution of clinical services, front desk operations, department programs and documentation; maintain a working knowledge of legal and ethical guidelines, policies, procedures in the field of psychology in order to make accurate clinical decisions and referrals with regard to treatment planning, consultation, case management and emergency services; ensure that professional counselors, clerical staff and interns maintain a proficient understanding of laws and regulations and provide services accordingly. The Director is responsible for ensuring the development, maintenance and revision of the department’s policy and procedure manual; oversee the process of clinical data collection, and the development of clinical surveys and outcome measures, to ensure the protection of client rights and the quality of mental health care; as well as research and write reports related to departmental programs and service.  The incumbent will perform other responsibilities and duties as needed, to carry out CAPS services within the department, to the University at large, and to relevant community constituencies as determined and assigned by the AVP for Campus Health and Wellbeing; such services may include: clinical service delivery, the generation of reports/documents, research projects, committee work, special projects, and/or participation in campus events; provide psychological assessment and testing services; serve as a member of the University Poly Cares (Behavioral Intervention) Team; serve as the Administrator in Charge upon request and in the absence of the AVP; attend departmental, university-wide, and community meetings; participate in professional development activities/training to enhance job performance; and facilitate professional development training seminars, and/or presentations as a means to contribute to staff development. The incumbent will ensure the appropriate assessment and implementation of a range of clinical services that is offered via CAPS (crisis coverage/intervention, intakes, walk-ins, clinical service delivery, wellbeing workshop series, groups, etc.); determine the effectiveness and outcome of these treatment interventions as guidelines for service enhancement; assist in developing and institutionalizing departmental policies and procedures related to clinical service delivery, by providing relevant feedback/information; ensure that staff (professional counselors, administrative support staff, and student workers) are kept abreast of the laws and ethics pertaining to the delivery of clinical services; supervise and evaluate counselors and Survivor Advocate regarding their overall performance; supervise administrative support staff to ensure a smooth execution of front desk procedures/protocol when assisting clients; provide administrative support staff with training in effective clinical protocol when serving distressed clients and in managing clinical emergencies; and collaborate with the professional counselors and administrative support staff, respectively, to update/maintain forms, documents, brochures, fliers, and marketing strategies related to clinical service delivery.  The incumbent will build strategic alliances and network with academic departments and university divisions as a means to enhance the visibility and utilization of CAPS’ clinical services; review and respond to subpoenas, client record requests, and requests related to student withdrawals and retroactive withdrawals; and oversee and facilitate administrative procedures related to the withdrawal process (e.g., consultation with counselors, case review, completion of relevant paperwork, making appropriate contacts). The incumbent will provide training, outreach services, consultation, and/or psycho-educational programs to various constituencies on campus (e.g., student organizations, faculty and staff), and/or to community affiliates; serve as a resource to various university offices in an effort to enhance student life, community living, and student retention; and provide clinical supervision and training to graduate interns (when present) and professional clinical staff as needed. The incumbent will provide counseling services as needed, including individual, group, and/or wellbeing workshops; provide treatment planning, case management, psychological assessment and clinical conceptualizations; and perform other duties as assigned.