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PhD Psychology Core Faculty

Core Faculty, Psychology PhD Program

Reports to: Psychology PhD Program Director 

Position: Regular, Full-Time

Location: Remote

Hiring/Budgeted Salary or Hourly Range: The budgeted salary range that the university reasonably expects to pay for this position is $74,000 – $76,000 annually

Full Salary Range: The full salary range for the position is $74,000 – $80,000 annually      

FLSA Status: Exempt

Salary offers are determined based on final candidate qualifications and experience; the budget for the position; and the application of fair, equitable, and consistent pay practices at the university.

The application deadline date is June 16, 2024.

Applications will not be considered complete unless both a CV and a cover letter which includes a diversity statement are uploaded.

Do not use Easy Apply. To apply for this position, use the following Online Application Link:

Fielding Graduate University is an innovative global community dedicated to educating scholars, leaders, and practitioners in pursuit of a more just and sustainable world. We do this by providing exemplary interdisciplinary programs within a distributed and relational learning model grounded in student-driven inquiry and leading to enhanced knowledge. We are seeking two Full-time (1.0 FTE) Core Faculty to work remotely in a distributed learning environment. One is expected to start on August 1, 2024, and the other on December 1, 2024.  A specialization in health psychology is preferred for one position while a minor emphasis in statistics/research methods is preferred for the other.  However, candidates with expertise in any of the following areas are particularly encouraged to apply: environmental psychology, community psychology, organizational psychology, performance psychology, or biological psychology.  This is not a clinical position.


This is a faculty position with responsibilities for educating and mentoring PhD students, engaging in scholarship and practice, and participating in governance and service. The following describes the full scope of responsibilities, as negotiated with the Psychology PhD Program Director. Some modifications can be made to these responsibilities and percentages with the goal of creating a balanced workload.


Courses and seminars are offered utilizing Moodle and other electronic media. Independent of course format, a faculty member is expected to:

1.  Have regular synchronous and asynchronous contact with students enrolled in their courses throughout the term.

2.  Evaluate students enrolled through the university’s course registration system by providing written feedback through completing the Certificate of Completion (COC) checklists. Qualitative feedback is expected in response to the work submitted during the term and/or on the COC.

3.  Participate in revision and updates to Master Syllabi as requested.

4.  Remain current in assigned areas of teaching.

5.  Keep syllabi current and consistent with program and professional goals and objectives; submit these in a timely fashion to the program manager when requested each term.

6.  Offer occasional specialty seminars/trainings.



1.  Serve on dissertation committees and actively participate in the development of dissertation proposals and final documents.

2.  Keep the dissertation tracking sheet up to date.

3.  Attend Final Oral Reviews.

4.  Supervise first year research practicum.

5.  Provide students with research training opportunities.

6.  Consult with students on their research activities, as needed.



1.  Assist with New Student Orientations when requested.

2.  Complete annual reviews for all advisees.

3.  Participate in developing and monitoring Progress Improvement Plans (PIP) for students who are not making expected progress.

4.  Assist students with completing all university and program requirements, including Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

5.  Advise students on program, institutional, and professional matters.

6.  Provide individual appointments for student advisees as requested.



1.  Develop and participate in one’s own research including publications, presentations, grants, etc. Include students in projects when feasible.

2.  Be involved in service to the profession and the community, when appropriate.

3.  Indicate that Fielding Graduate University is your primary affiliation when publishing or presenting.



1.  Actively participate in the program and School of Psychology committees to which you are assigned.

2.  Attend faculty meetings and retreats; travel to Session as requested.

3.  Be available to serve on other program, school, university-wide, and ad hoc committees.

                     May serve on the Board of Trustees.

4.  If requested, staff the committee on admissions that evaluates applications.

5.  When needed, answer questions from applicants interested in the program.

6.  Participate in the program’s discussion Forum as schedule permits.

7.  Maintain prompt and responsive communications with all members of the community.

8.  Complete requests for information or other input in a timely manner.

9.  Remain current in knowledge of program and University policies and technology platforms.

10. When not available for more than two workdays during a term, create an e-mail away message informing the community of departure and return date.



1.  PhD in Psychology from a regionally accredited university or its equivalent.

2.  Prior experience and expertise in online teaching and learning

3.  Evidence of research productivity.

4.  Professional experience demonstrating ability to supervise dissertations and other graduate student research.

5.  Professional experience demonstrating ability to develop and teach courses in a distributed learning environment.

6.  Strong commitment to adult education.

7.  Strong commitment to social justice and diversity.

8.  Ability to work well in a relational and distributed learning environment.

9.  Ability to use telecommunications and electronic research resources.

10. Desirable characteristics include innovative thinking, high initiative, good organizational skills, and the ability to work independently. 


Since Fielding Graduate University is a distributed teaching and learning university, all faculty are required to have substantial background and skills in on-line teaching and learning strategies. Please detail your background and current skills in this area in your application materials.

Fielding Graduate University is committed to social justice and diversity and encourages individuals from historically underrepresented groups to apply.


Improving diversity, equity and inclusion is an active process that requires continuous commitment to promote collaborative learning and change through attracting, retaining, graduating, and honoring a more diverse population of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community friends. Fielding’s commitment to social and ecological justice is part of our explicit commitment to understanding, analyzing, and acting to reduce inequality, oppression, and social stratification, recognizing the linkages between economic, social, racial and ecological justice. The University strives to ensure that the values of DEI are embodied in all academic programs and course content, and also in faculty, staff and student performance and assessment. We challenge our community to think boldly and take specific actions that are realistic and measurable. By working here, you join a diverse and vibrant community that advances Fielding’s world-changing mission in meaningful ways, inspires innovation and collaboration, and builds skills and expertise.

Thank you for considering employment with Fielding Graduate University. Our employees are among our most valued resources, and we are committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce comprised of talented, qualified, and hardworking individuals. We strive to take good care of our employees and their families with excellent benefits, and to provide a stimulating and supportive work environment with opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

Application Instructions

Fielding Graduate University utilizes ADP Workforce Now for online applications. You will be prompted to create a username and password to initiate the application process. Applications will not be considered complete unless both a CV and a cover letter which includes a diversity statement are uploaded. Applicants are encouraged to have their employment history, educational information, and professional references on hand while completing the application. The online application process takes approximately 30-60 minutes. Upon completion, applicants will receive confirmation of receipt via email.

Fielding Graduate University is committed to inclusive excellence and encourages diversity and inclusivity in all its enterprises. As an equal opportunity employer committed to social justice, we value and welcome individuals of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, beliefs, genders, gender identities, gender expressions, marital status, national origins, race and ethnicities, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, veteran status – and other visible and nonvisible differences. We seek employees who are committed to creating a respectful, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all community members.

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Fielding Graduate University is an innovative global community dedicated to educating scholars, leaders, and practitioners in pursuit of a more just and sustainable world. We do this by providing exemplary interdisciplinary programs within a distributed and relational learning model grounded in student-driven inquiry and leading to enhanced knowledge.  Fielding has approximately 1,050 students and 150 faculty members residing throughout the United States and internationally. Please visit our website at to learn more.