Pratt Institute Counseling Center Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Psychology (179 views)

Brooklyn, NY
May 9, 2024

Pratt Institute Counseling Center Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Psychology

The mission of the fellowship is to provide high quality training to Fellows who have a passion for university counseling and who would like to further their professional development in college mental health practices with particular focus on clinical work with art students. The goal is that upon completion Fellows will be prepared for independent clinical work at a university counseling center or other clinical placements. With this aim, the post-doctoral program follows a practitioner-scholar model whereby clinical practice is informed by scholarly inquiry. As part of their training, Fellows participate in reading seminars and workshops run by invited speakers from the wider clinical community and whose expertise reflects the clinical concerns encountered working with young adults. The emphasis is on clinical practice embedded with scholarly skills including critical thinking, conceptualization, problem solving, and involvement in research/program evaluation. We are committed to training reflective and informed practitioners. The integration of practice and scholarship defines the training program.


Agency Type: University Counseling Center

APPIC Membership: No

APA Accredited: No

Recognized Specialty: Clinical Psychology

Emphasis or focus area: Psychoanalysis

Other Emphasis: Humanistic

Research Time: Less than 25%

Training Director: Antonia Frydman

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 631-766-0314

Virtual Interviews: Virtual Only

Duration in Months: 12

Hours Per Week: 35

# of Licensed Supervisors: 5

Number of Positions: 3

Applications recieved last year: 18

Stipend: $62,400

Will follow APPIC Selection Standards: Yes

Estimated offer date: Friday, March 15 2024

Created Date: Wednesday, December 12 2018

Unfilled Positions: 1

Fringe Benefits: health benefits; vacation and sick days; professional development time; use of university resources

Research opportunities

The post-doctoral program in psychology offers three full-time psychoanalytically oriented fellowships for a 12-month training in college counseling with a stipend of $60,000 for 2023-24 year pending funding approval. Fellows are considered full members of staff and will deliver the full range of clinical service under supervision by a multidisciplinary team of licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, and psychiatrists. Fellows provide clinical care to students including individual and group therapy, triage consultations, intake assessments, case management, crisis intervention, urgent care, psycho-educational workshops, outreach, and referrals. All students seeking treatment are screened in a triage consultation for their first appointment. Fellows serve as members of the Triage Team and present their assessments during our disposition meetings where senior supervisory staff provide treatment recommendations. During these meetings Fellows have a voice in designing their caseloads based on experience level and interest. The majority of the Fellows time is spent providing individual psychotherapy which is coupled with extensive supervision, individually and in a group format alongside a weekly reading seminar with topics ranging from how to think about time as a function of clinical work with young adults, to the relationship between the individual and the social, to the study of the creative process. The Counseling Center does not have a fixed number of sessions and Fellows have an opportunity do goal-oriented work as well as more intensive work depending on students clinical need and presentation. Clinical Training: 1 hour of individual supervision per week 2 hours of group supervision per week for individual therapy cases 1 hour of group supervision for group therapy 3 hours of multi-disciplinary disposition meetings per week 1 hour of staff meeting 2 hours didactic seminar per week Clinical Experience: Individual therapy – approximately 15 client caseload Intake interviewing and assessment Group therapy Case Management Crisis assessment, intervention, and urgent care Consultation Referrals Outreach and psycho-educational workshops

Additional Comments

Interviews occur on the rolling basis for an August start date coinciding with the beginning of the university’s academic calendar. Orientation occurs virtually prior to the Fall semester. Applications will be considered until positions are filled.

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