Our mission is to maximize the recovery, resilience and wellness of all eligible Alameda County residents who are developing or experiencing serious mental health, alcohol or drug concerns.

Alameda County BEHAVIORAL HEALTH is dedicated to delivering cost effective, quality behavioral health care to Medi-Cal beneficiaries and residents of Alameda County.

For additional information, please contact: Angelica Gums

$94,454.10 – $113,896.58* Annually

Plus, an excellent benefits package!

*Positions located at the Santa Rita Jail qualify for an additional 15% premium pay. Salary shown above reflects base plus premium pay.

  • $82,134.00 – $99,040.50 Annual Base Salary

*Bilingual candidates are especially encouraged to apply; bilingual pay available.

*Provisional Appointments: For provisional appointments, a civil service exam is not required. However, to obtain a regular position, the appointee will need to compete successfully in a County Exam when open.

Adult Forensic Behavioral Health (AFBH) is a division of Alameda County Behavioral Health. AFBH is located in the Santa Rita County Jail, in Dublin.

AFBH is responsible for the provision of mental health services to individuals in the custody of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. The goal of AFBH, in collaboration with jail partners, is to identify and assess individuals in need of behavioral health services, provide continuity of care, alleviate psychiatric symptoms and prevent relapse, and provide discharge planning and connection to supportive community services. AFBH staff collaborates and cooperates with the staffs of the Sheriff’s Office and Wellpath (medical provider) in order to ensure communication and understanding regarding individuals’ mental health needs.

The AFBH team consist of the AFBH Director, Behavioral Health Clinical (BHC) Managers, BHC Supervisors, licensed and unlicensed clinicians, psychiatrists, mental health specialists, administrative support staff, and program specialists.  

AFBH offers great opportunities for clinicians to further develop their clinical skills, and work with a population in great need of dedicated support and services. Clinicians’ complete diagnostic assessments develop initial and on-going treatment plans, crisis intervention and suicide prevention, provide supportive follow-up, work closely with AFBH’S partners both in the jail and in the community, provide discharge planning, and participates peer reviews. All AFBH clinicians receive general training as well as specific forensic training. Clinical supervision for all registered associates is available.


The mission of AFBH is to provide all necessary mental health services to individuals in the custody of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Services are voluntary and are delivered in a respectful and expedient manner. Services include, but are not limited to, assessment, crisis intervention, ongoing treatment, monitoring of individuals with serious mental illnesses with the goals of de-escalating and/or stabilizing mental conditions and preventing adverse outcomes such as the worsening of mental conditions and/or suicide, and discharge planning. AFBH staff work in collaboration with the jail medical provider, Wellpath, and the sheriff’s staff to deliver services that meet all regulatory and accreditation standards for mental health care.

AFBH operates 7 days a week, from 7:00AM to 11:30PM; staff are expected to be available for assignments during these hours.


Under the general direction of the Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor or Behavioral Health Clinical Manager, the Rehabilitation Counselor II (MHRS) provides services in the Alameda County Jail System and may refer clients to Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA), Unlicensed LPHA’s, or Graduate Trainees/Student Interns for assessment and diagnosis as well as staff psychiatrists for medication need, evaluations, and prescriptions; schedules appointments; and performs other related tasks as assigned.

The Rehabilitation Counselor II (MHRS) is an unlicensed/unwaivered position and may not (under scope of practice) complete assessment and diagnosis or provide therapy. It requires the incumbent to be fully trained and professionally skilled upon entry to the class. Rehabilitation Counselors provide a full range of services other than assessment and diagnosis, involving considerable latitude and exercise of independent judgment. Direct supervision and guidance is provided only in select situations. In contrast, the Rehabilitation Counselor I position is an entry-level position requiring appropriate academic training, but no professional level clinical experience. A professional licensure or waiver may be obtained by a Rehabilitation Counselor II positions, which would change the scope of practice to LPHA.


Note: The following statements reflect the general duties considered necessary in order to describe the principal functions of the job as identified and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all the work requirements that may be inherent in the job.

  • Serves at Santa Rita Jail and at other locations as assigned.
  • Provides the following services to assigned clients:
  1. Work with clients on specific skill building activities that are impaired as a result of their mental illness/diagnosis, related to areas of functioning (moods, emotions, thoughts, behaviors or impulse control) or daily living skills in the jail setting.
  2. Assist clients in activities with the goal of improving, maintaining, or restoring functional skills and daily living skills, impulse control, grooming, and hygiene.
  3. Support AFBH clients to follow their treatment plan including medication compliance.
  4. Support AFBH clients with adjustment to and functioning in the jail environment.
  5. Provide resource and referrals to in-custody and out of custody services.
  6. Work with client to develop discharge plans including identifying strengths, resources, barriers, and specific resources. This may include discharge to the community or locked facilities such as prison or the state hospital.
  7. Collateral contacts with the goal of supporting clients in their goals and functioning. This may include family members, case managers, deputy staff, or medical providers.
  8. Interview clients and collateral contacts to gather social, psychiatric drug and alcohol, vocational, legal, and educational history.
  9. Gather information that can be used for assessments/diagnosis by LPHA/Unlicensed LPHA/MD staff.
  10. Assist clients in developing realistic plans, advises clients of community resources and makes referrals and other arrangements including advocacy and assistance.
  11. Assist clients in understanding his/her/their illness or addiction and contributing personal, social, and economic factors.
  12. Provide supportive services to clients assigned by supervisor who may need additional support to remain stable in the jail.
  13. Schedules appointments for assigned clients.
  14. Notify deputy staff and ITR AFBH staff if client reports suicidal or homicidal ideation/threats.
  15. Assist in the development of appropriate care plans.
  16. Interview inmates and their relatives to gather case history information, current needs, and discharge needs.
  17. Confer with other AFBH staff members as required.
  18. Maintain client confidentiality in accordance with County and HIPPA guidelines.
  19. Collaborate effectively with other agency departments and community partners to establish continuity of care for clients.
  • Documentation:
  1. Obtain release of information for referrals, collateral contacts, and others as needed.
  2. Complete all necessary forms and reports.
  3. Document all client and collateral contacts in Clinician’s Gateway.
  • Coordinate with Sheriff Department Classification and Housing Unit Staff as necessary.
  • Attend staff meetings and related trainings.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

*LICENSED candidates are encouraged to apply to the BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CLINICIAN positions:

Please click on links below for more information.





EDUCATION: Possession of a master’s degree from an accredited college or university in rehabilitation counseling, clinical or educational psychology, or social work/marriage and family counseling/professional counselor; AND,

EXPERIENCE: The equivalent of two years of full time experience in the field of vocational rehabilitation, alcoholic or drug abuse rehabilitation or Mental Health treatment. 

LICENSES/CERTIFICATION: Possession of a valid California Motor Vehicle Operator’s license. Possession of Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Work, or License Professional Counselor license is desirable.

*CLICK HERE for a comprehensive job description and other special requirements.


Applications will be screened according to the minimum professional qualifications, Supplemental Questionnaire and ideal candidate statements outlined in the County job description. Meeting the minimum qualifications does not guarantee advancement to the interview process; only the most suitably and best qualified candidates will be invited to participate.

An Alameda County Application is required to be considered for this recruitment.

Please note the County website is only for permanent positions. In order to apply to the provisional Rehabilitation Counselor position advertised in this brochure, you will need to submit your application via email; not through the website.

Please email a County of Alameda Job Application, resume and cover letter to TINA RODRIGUEZ (
The application template is available online on Alameda County’s OnLine Employment Center

NEW USERS can click on “New User Registration” to fill out an application template. Once the application is completed, candidates can click on the “Review” tab to “Print My Application”. SAVE/PRINT a PDF version of the application or digital scan of the completed application must be submitted to the email address above.

If you are interested in being considered for an AFBH position in the Santa Rita Jail, please select “rotating shifts” as a shift preference and “Dublin” as a location preference.


Alameda County is an equal opportunity employer who values diversity. 

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