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New York, New York
December 21, 2020

Sakhi for South Asian Women exists to represent the South Asian diaspora in a survivor-led movement for gender-justice and to honor the collective and inherent power of all survivors of violence. Sakhi is committed to serving survivors through a combination of efforts including—but not limited to—direct services, advocacy and organizing, technical assistance, and community outreach. 

Sakhi serves survivors from the South Asian diaspora who trace their backgrounds to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, and Africa. Members of our community come from diverse backgrounds including age range, religion, ethnic origin, economic and educational background, language spoken, and immigration status. We work to represent, inform, actively engage, and mobilize the South Asian community in an intersectional, intergenerational survivor-led movement for gender justice. 

Our office offers a unique work environment that is collaborative, fun, and committed to social justice. 

Sakhi is looking for a full-time, licensed Mental Health Counselor to work with South Asian survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

 Position Responsibilities 

  • Provide culturally-appropriate, trauma-informed, holistic counseling services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault; 
  • Encourage limited English proficient survivors to discuss emotions and experiences in a language most comfortable for them; 
  • Provide psychoeducation to survivors on the impact of trauma and common reactions to abuse and violence;
  • Help survivors understand power and control dynamics and cycles of violence within their relationships, and create safety plans as needed for emotional and physical health;
  • Develop therapeutic processes with survivors to help define goals, gain insight, and plans for life after therapy;
  • Help survivors learn tools to manage the intensity of their trauma reactions instead of talk about their emotions;
  • Monitor clients’ use of medications;
  • Examine issues including substance abuse, aging, bullying, anger management, careers, depression, relationships, LGBTQ issues, self-image, stress and suicide;
  • Modify treatment activities and approaches as needed in order to comply with changes in clients’ status;
  • Act as survivor advocate in order to coordinate required services or to resolve emergency problems in crisis situations;
  • Gather information about community mental health needs and resources that could be used in conjunction with therapy;
  • Refer survivors to community resources or specialists as necessary;
  • Train and supervise MSW interns and volunteers to provide support services; 
  • Collaborate with other Sakhi staff for referrals and to streamline survivor services and programs; 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of counseling programs and survivors’ progress in resolving identified problems and moving towards defined objectives;
  • Plan, organize and lead structured programs and support groups of counseling, work, study, recreation and social activities for survivors;
  • Learn about new developments in their field by reading professional literature, attending courses and seminars, and establishing and maintaining contact with other social service agencies;
  • Maintain confidentiality of survivor experiences and records at all times. 

Grant Management and Development 

  • Maintain records of all survivor related work/activities through efficient data collection and notetaking;
  • Produce accurate reports and draft narratives for grant reporting;
  • Ensure routine and comprehensive program evaluation;
  • Work closely with the Development Team to create work plans, attend site visits, and offer pertinent information as needed.

Outreach, Training, and Advocacy  

  • Break the stigma around mental health while raising awareness of domestic and sexual violence in the local South Asian community; 
  • Advocate for equal access for survivors of domestic and sexual violence to various public services agencies including health, governmental, and judicial;
  • Develop ongoing referral relationships within the health, legal, social service systems, and partner organizations;
  • Represent Sakhi on relevant task forces, coalitions, and committees to voice trends of gender violence and mental health in South Asian communities.

In addition to fulfilling the responsibilities of the posted job description, other responsibilities include: 

  • Clinical Supervision to MSW Interns 
  • Create and continue to manage in-house interns program of MSWs;
  • Create and maintain partnerships with institutions of higher education that have graduate programs in Social Work;
  • Thoroughly review MSW internship applications; 
  • Schedule and coordinate interviews with Sakhi peers; 
  • Organize and facilitate volunteer/intern trainings
  • Complete and maintain documentation:
  • Initial onboarding documentation 
  • Create Sakhi email addresses
  • Create profiles in Salesforce 
  • Initial Educational Plans 
  • Review process recordings weekly 
  • Mid-year Evaluations
  • End of the Year Evaluations 
  • Organize, update and coordinate task sheets 
  • Provide direct and clinical supervision, including group supervision 
  • Create lesson plans/training and utilizing teaching tools. Examples: ACS reporting, de-escalation and suicide assessment
  • Maintain communication with faculty advisors to ensure efficient partnership/ accomplishment of educational goals for MSW interns. 
  • In-direct communication: monthly check-ins by email
  • Direct/in-person communication: yearly visit to assess Office and/or as needed 
  • Facilitate healthy communication between task supervisors and interns 
  • Organize and lead programmatic tasks 

Required Qualifications

  • LMSW, LCSW, or Certified Mental Health Counselor 
  • Must be a Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Fluency in one or more South Asian languages, especially Bangla and/or Hindi and/or Urdu 
  • 3-5 years of experience in direct social service with knowledge of trauma, sexual violence, domestic violence, and gender issues 
  • An investment and background in women’s rights advocacy and mental health issues is a must 
  • Excellent leadership and managerial skills 
  • Strong attention to detail 
  • Experience with working with vulnerable populations and trauma survivors 
  • Ability to work flexible hours including some evenings and weekends 
  • Ability to work well under pressure and juggle multiple time-sensitive tasks 

This is a full-time role that requires flexibility with schedule. Work hours are Monday – Friday, 10am-6pm. Some evenings and weekends will be required. Salary starting at $55,000. Sakhi offers health and dental benefits, paid parental leave and all full-time team members have access to clinical supervision. 

At Sakhi, we have a clear vision: to be the place where a diverse mix of talented people want to come, to stay and do their best work.

Salary starting at $55,000. Sakhi offers health and dental benefits, paid parental leave and all full-time team members have access to clinical supervision. 

Application Information

Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Ideal candidates should be available to start as soon as possible.